Properly fitting badminton footwear will not only help to prevent injury, it will also leave you feeling comfortable and confident during the game. When you choose Li-Ning, you are sliding into court shoes that are designed to be sleek and stylish, while also manufactured to exceed the five main quality comparisons you should consider: comfort, durability, support, ventilation and weight.

You want a badminton shoe with a soft, supportive insole so your hardworking feet and muscles can not only endure, but excel throughout an entire match by avoiding unnecessary discomfort and fatigue. Li-Ning focuses on a comfort fit made from durable innovative materials that cushion your feet and provide the proper court grip. When the competition keeps you on your toes, your ankle needs the appropriate support to prevent injury; that’s why Li-Ning badminton shoes feature the advanced outsole traction of "pavTRAC" anti-slip compound technology. When you’re chasing your next point, or turning on a dime, our shoes offer flexible grip with a non-marking gum rubber sole for superior ankle support, overall performance and control.

Li-Ning badminton shoes are breathable with a synthetic mesh upper that keeps your feet cooler, while making the structure lighter as well, with no added weight to slow you down. The standard "TUFF TIP" on the inside front construction provides an additional layer of reinforcement around the toe area to help ensure your badminton shoes last the entire season. Just like you, we’re committed to staying at the top of our game. Forever focused on quality, and always on-trend, our exclusive line of contemporary Li-Ning badminton shoes features exciting new designs available every spring and fall.