The most significant decision facing any badminton player from beginner to professional is his or her choice of badminton racket. It’s where your game starts and ends. With so many options, it’s important to match the best badminton racket with the type of game you play. Your choice of badminton racket reflects your style, and defines your game. This is why Li-Ning manufactures only the highest quality options made from carbon fiber that are designed to be durable, to be highly responsive on the court, and to exceed your expectations.

First, determine what type of badminton racket from the five Li-Ning series best compliments your style of play.

Once you have decided on the kind of badminton racquet you prefer, weigh also the following five important characteristics to further narrow your search: grip size, balance point, overall badminton racket weight, flexibility and string tension.

To determine the ideal grip size for you, remember that you will need a badminton racket that feels comfortable and won’t slip in your hand. Consider a smaller size grip, which is a popular option among players because it acts as an extension of the hand and allows for intricate net play, greater accuracy, power and deception. The balance point, or distribution of weight, of the badminton racket influences power, defence, comfort and general steadiness. It also determines how heavy or light a badminton racket feels overall.

A Li-Ning badminton racquet can range in weight between 72 and 89 grams, so make sure your selection is correct for your play style, play level and athletic ability. The weight of your badminton racket affects offensive momentum and power, as well as defensive play. Li-Ning badminton rackets also come with a variety of shaft options from flexible to stiff, so keep in mind how much response you need when making your choice. For enhanced power, performance and control, choose Li-Ning strings.

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Badminton Racket Li-Ning XiPHOS X1, Black/Silver


Color: Black/SilverMATERIAL: Military Grade Carbon FiberWEIGHT: 85-89 gramsGRIP SIZE: Extra Small 3 1/8"OVERALL LENGTH: 675mmGRIP LENGTH: 200mmBALANCE POINT: 295mmFLEX: Medium StiffTENSION: Vertical 24-28 lbs, Horizontal 26-30 lbs..

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