Li-Ning Badminton clothing is high performance badminton collection for the novice, intermediate or professional player. Specifically designed to meet the demands of the sport, Li-Ning badminton clothes for men, women and youth are preferred by champions and worn around the world. When it comes to badminton clothing, the right fit makes all the difference. Made from stylish yet breathable materials, the badminton clothing we offer is designed to outlast the competition.

Li-Ning badminton clothes are created with the wearer in mind. Our choice of lightweight badminton shoes and athletic wear is fashioned to support and enhance the movements of an international level player on the court, and bring your game to the next level. Based on a scientific analysis of how the human body responds during intense play, the Li-Ning line of badminton apparel is tailored to "breathe" and move with you for improved comfort, agility and range of motion.

Performance Badminton Clothes that Professionals Prefer

Never let them see you sweat. Li-Ning badminton clothes provide superior wicking performance, via ATDry moisture management technology that draws perspiration away from the body. Combined with premium lightweight materials that allow for air transfer, this means that performance Li-Ning badminton clothing lets you keep your cool when the heat is on. The official equipment sponsor of the Badminton World Federation, and the badminton apparel of choice for many top rated international players, among which are the National teams of China, Singapore and Australia, Li-Ning is currently the world’s fastest growing brand in the business. Li-Ning badminton clothes, shoes and accessories are a great choice for the professional and amateur alike.